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a dina in her natural habitat

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a 30 day photography challenge. Not only do I think it's good for flexing the muscle that is the photographer's eye (and arms, since I don't own a tripod of my own at the moment) but I also believe that most of the photographs I've ever taken on a whim (and by whim I mean without reason, i.e. an event etc,) have been some of my most special photos, which, as I've said before, kind of become the most unforgettable memories . Phew, that was a long sentence, sawree.

So here I go. In all fairness, I did start last week - but I'm only 4 photos in. So I've adjusted my goal, instead of trying to take all 30 photos in 30 days, I will allow myself to delay if I must, but I will complete this challenge (whether it takes me 30 days or 300, but inshallah not 300).

Also, I've decided to create a sort of contact sheet for each day, because sometimes it's really hard to pick just one photo. And if I'm defining my own terms, then why the hell not. Right?

p.s. All photos for the fotochallenge are taken straight out of camera, or as some say, SOOC (and straight from my heart, or SFMH, *upside down smiley*).

I call this one dina, in her natural habitat

p.p.s. I'm [loosely] following's 30 day photography challenge. Click me to check it out.

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